Wood For Outdoor Furniture For Small Balcony

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Outdoor Furniture For Small Balcony Ideas

Outdoor furniture for small balcony can be made from hardwood or conifers. Hardwood comes from broad-leaved trees and conifers come from needle-bearing trees. There are six types of wood that are popular for outdoor furniture. A tip to add up to 10 years of life to outdoor wood furniture is moving it from grass to a terrace or deck where it will wipe faster when wet.

Type’s wood for outdoor furniture for small balcony is white cedar. White cedar is a light-colored coniferous tree with even grains and numerous knots. It has been harvested from forests in southern Canada and the United States. White cedar is naturally splinter-free and a relatively fast producer. It is naturally resistant to weather, insects, decay, mold and mold. Apply a water-based stain once a year and clean with soap and water to maintain. With the proper care, outdoor furniture made of white cedar can last up to 25 years.

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Redwood is a straight grained conifers tree. It has been harvested from forests in Pacific Northwest. Redwood is a durable tree with resistance to tips and termites, making it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture for small balcony. Apply an oil-based stain with water sealer and preservative once a year to maintain. Spray with hose and dry to clean. Mild odor can be removed with equal parts of bleach and hot water and a nail brush. By properly cared for, redwood furniture can last for more than 25 years.Outdoor furniture for small balcony,

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