Tropical Landscaping Ideas For The Front Yards

Jul 23rd
Country Tropical Landscaping Ideas
Country Tropical Landscaping Ideas

Tropical Landscaping Ideas – A tropical landscape can be created in almost any climate. A tropical landscape enhances a home value and contributes to the home’s overall atmosphere. Placement of key plants and trees creates a landscape. When designing a landscape, just choose plants that survive in your geographical planting zone. These zones, developed by the National Arbor Day Foundation, identify the survival of plants and trees for your area.

Tropical landscaping ideas palm tree. The most identifiable tropical tree is the palm of the hand. Palm most commonly seen is coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). Growed throughout tropical regions, this tree is grown for use in the construction of local villages. This tree grows from 60 to 100 feet in height, and the trunk will be about a foot in diameter. A Canary Island dadelpalm (canary palm) is a good alternative as a smaller tree. It is very slow growing and takes some time to reach 50 to 60 feet long. Mediterranean or European fan palm (European dwarf palm humilis) palm grows to 15 feet and its leaves create a symmetrical peak about 8 to 10 feet wide. These palms grow well in containers or create obstacles by planting in small groups.

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Tropical landscaping ideas flowers. Hibiscus is the flower that is usually associated with tropical climate. The hibiscus flowers with colors like pink, yellow, purple, red and white. With careful pruning, this flower can be grown in a bush. Shrubs can grow to 10 to 15 feet in height. Other tropical flowers are canna lilies, paradise bird, jasmine and pulmeria. Each plant has its own full size and should be planted with this in mind. When creating planting beds, space each plant so that they do not choke each other.

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