To Build a Temporary Brick Outdoor Fire Pit Grill

Sep 14th
Outdoor Fire Pit Grill Table

You can build a cheap outdoor fire pit grill on your own that you can use to grill foods over a real wood fire. All you need is a couple of deliveries from an ice cream maker and a little work. Start with make a plan the position and size of your circular brick fire pit grill. The size should be based on the size of grill and / or screen or cover you can find for your barbecue.

Second, use your grill grate as a guide for size. The diameter should be slightly less than the diameter of the grill grate. Third, place round piece of heat-proof metal plates on the ground in the placement of your walled grill (optional). Otherwise, using the grill grate as a guide to mark the size of your grill on the ground. Fourth, arrange bricks or slag blocks for outdoor fire pit grill in a circular manner so that they almost touch.

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Fifth, after the first team circle is finished, add the next layer, with the new blocks overlapping two blocks in the layer underneath (offset). Sixth, continue adding layers until you reach the desired height, about 18 inches to 2 meters. Seventh, place stone at the bottom of your outdoor fire pit grill, followed by firewood. Eight, start your fire and burn until there is a good depth of glowing red wood glow at the bottom. Last, place the grill grates on the brick fire pit and start cooking your food.

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