Spiegelau Wine Glasses

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Luxury Spiegelau Wine Glasses

Spiegelau wine glasses – Spiegelau is a German manufacturer of both crystal and glass wine glasses.Spiegelau is like the other German producer Bachmann crystal element of the well-known Swiss Riedel group. Besides wine glasses Spieglau also makes other crystal products, such as various types of drinking glasses and lots of wine accessories like decanters. Overall Riedel has many products for a good wine experience.
Grandissimo spiegelau wine glasses. To Spiegelau wine glasses Grandissimo collection includes only high quality crystal. In addition to wine glasses for white wine and champagne Spiegelau Grandissimo collection also includes glasses for wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy. To complete the collection Grandissimo Spiegelau has also added a wonderful cocktail glass. The glasses from the Grandissimo are sold separately. Online merchants sell most of these glasses Spieglau.
Soiree spiegelau wine glasses. Soiree is the best selling collection of Spiegelau wine glasses. There are literally millions of Spiegelau glasses sold Soiree. Soiree collection is intended primarily for restaurants, but the glasses out of place even at home on beautiful traditional tableware. Because this series is so successful it will augment or replace broken glass in the coming years, no problem.
Hybrid spiegelau wine glasses. Hybrid Spiegelau wine glasses are a modern feel. The Hybrid collection of Spiegelau will certainly be the topic of conversation during dinner. Because these glasses are not only beautiful they are drinking wine make a nice experience. These glasses will appeal if you like designs that revolve around the form. The Spieglau Hybrid wine glasses can be purchased separately or in a nice gift set.

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