Quatrefoil Mirror by DENY Designs

Dec 15th

Quatrefoil Mirror by DENY Designs – it present with two more prints and available in your home designs. With the opportunity to send to the company’s collection some color variants, try to also explore the diversity of options when it comes to prints with few colors.

white Quatrefoil Mirror
white Quatrefoil Mirror

Print TROPIC quatrefoil mirror

Make quatrefoil mirror with print TROPIC is tried to work with opposing results in two ways: organic and geometric continuity X X deconstruction. So the stylized palm fronds, initially arranged at random, won regular limits due to cuttings and standard reassembly seeking geometry. While the reasons for the pattern are completed at certain points, in others there is a sort of break that interrupts, in a sense, continuity. The overlap of the elements and the illusion of transparency achieved through only four colors contribute to give an intricate aspect of the patterning.

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And whereas quatrefoil mirror print with Copacabana took advantage of the traditional patterned boardwalk providing diagonally and crossing of staggered form the same winding tracks. In this case, the choice of colors gives the illusion not only of overlap, but also significantly change the appearance of the picture, making it more “fuzzy” when the shades are quite distinct from each other.