Pole Barn Lighting Options

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Best Pole Barn Lighting

Pole barn lighting – If you build a new barn, talk to your architect about installing the skylight panels along the roof of the barn. On the other hand, if you already have an existing barn, install skylights in the roof. The installation and skylight panels will definitely be an extra charge; but in the long run they will save money. In addition, skylights make the whole pole barn lighting seem happier because they will be healthy sunlight to shine through every morning.


They consist of a base which is mounted into a wall and a neck that curves down on a smooth 90 degree angle attached to a light bulb with a metal shadow. These lamps are suitable for use as a base for lighting the inside of a box. Hang one above each cattle sheds or above each workstation in the barn. You can even get some barn lit with a protective metal grille over the lamp in case there’s a risk to fly up items to crack the bulb. These fixtures also come in a variety of styles to match the vibe of your pole barn lighting. For example, if your barn is more rustic, you can find these lights in shining copper shades. On the other hand, if your barn has a more modern feel, shiny red or shiny chrome available.

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