Plastic Outdoor Furniture Special Treatment

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Plastic Outdoor Furniture – With the arrival of the warmth of spring, you want to spend much more time outdoors and enjoy the good weather in gardens and terraces, so now it’s time to prepare and start cleaning all the outdoor furniture, including plastic furniture. Cleaning the plastic furniture of the terrace can seem difficult and sometimes it can even make us lose our nerves, but with some small homemade tricks, your plastic furniture will shine again.

First, remove the dust carefully from the plastic furniture. Do this work in detail, also paying attention to the corners of the furniture. To completely remove the dust, rinse the plastic outdoor furniture from the terrace with plenty of water. If you have the possibility of using a pressurized water machine, you will have saved even more time because the powerful jet will eliminate any dust residue.

Fill a bucket with hot water and for each liter add a glass of Marseille soap, two tablespoons of baking soda and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. This magic potion, if rubbed on the plastic furniture of the terrace with a sponge, will leave them clean, disinfected and above all very white. To finish, all you have to do is rinse the plastic outdoor furniture with cold water and dry them with a cloth. If after all the work, your furniture keeps some stains, you will only have to repeat the cleaning once more.

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