Organizing Shelves in Long Picture Ledges

Feb 8th

Turn a long hallway in a gallery of artwork or personal photographs with picture ledges and shelves. Instead of leaving the walls of a long corridor unadorned shelves using images to add visual interest to the space chances are often passed through several times a day. Put some thought into the arrangement of shelves image to create a look that you find appealing. Hang shelves tables in rows along the walls of a long corridor. Hang shelves side by side along the top or middle of the wall to create a continuous horizontal row.

Picture Ledges Gallery
Picture Ledges Gallery

Hang shelves along one wall in the hallway, or both walls facing each other. Create two or three horizontal rows of shelves in the hallway photos. Hang a picture ledges in the middle of the wall and another above it, or you can hang another below the center shelf. Hang several outgoing side to side, creating two or three rows along the length of one or both of the walls.

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Show the shelves in a rectangular formation of picture ledges. Hang four or five outgoing with 8-10 inches of space between them, to create a vertical column. Hang four or five projections adjacent to the first column so that the shelves are parallel but have a gap of 4 to 6 inches apart.

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