Nail a Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Jun 4th
Modern Tongue and Groove Ceiling
Modern Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Tongue and groove ceiling – Please locate one of the ceiling beams. (The support beams behind the ceiling plaster) with your and electronic beams. Mark the length of the location of the studs with your level and pencil. Measure the length of the ceiling in the opposite direction that the beams are running. Transfer this measurement to your first board. Cut it to the size of your miter saw.

Hold the board on the ceiling with the side grooved of tongue and groove ceiling facing the wall. Pull two nails into the face at each point where the board crosses a beam. Measure and cut to your next plate. Press it in place next to the first, the locking groove of the new edge around the tongue of the one that was hung earlier. Fix the plate by tossing a nail in the middle of the side of the tray, just above the tongue, at an angle upwards, at each point where the plate crosses a beam.

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Continue cutting and planks hanging from the ceiling, nailing them from the sides. Nail the last plate up in the same manner as the first (with two nails shot straight across the face at each point where it crosses a beam) .Pend trim roof around the perimeter to hide the joint between the boards and walls. And the nailing of tongue and groove ceiling is finish.

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