Making Your Own Shade Outdoor Patio Curtains Ideas

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Nice Outdoor Patio Curtains Ideas

Outdoor patio curtains ideas – If you like to sit on your patio, except when the sun blinds you, you know that you can do some curtains to not only enhance the appearance of your patio, but also to shade during the brightest parts of the day. Shade patio curtains are usually made for a light to medium transparent fabric. It’s just enough to filter the sunlight but do not block your view completely. These curtains are easy to do as they are just straight panels.


Outdoor patio curtains ideas with Select a stick frame. Choose between either stand-alone designs or frames that you can attach to your house. Install or set the frame according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Measurements of the frame to help you figure out how much fabric you need to buy. Measure the length, from the rod down to the ground, and add 8 inches. Determine how many panels you want and use the full width of the fabric, which on average is about 44 inches wide, for each panel.

Multiply the length of panels in meters times the number of panels you need to get the required amount of fabric. Cut the number of panels you need to measure the length in step 3. Outdoor patio curtains ideas roll the side edges of the fabric to conceal the rough edges and form a collar. Hold the fabric together with the pins and fasten. Fold down the top edge of each panel 3 inches and then again another 3 inches to make a headline for the collars. Use the staple to hold the fabric in place and sew. Remember, the number of runs you use depends on the width of the fabric.


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