Making White Outdoor Curtains For A Sliding Door

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Pergola White Outdoor Curtains

White outdoor curtains must survive rain, snow, heat, cold, wind and clay. It is impossible to make outdoor curtains lasting forever, but using the right fabric and thread – woven or spun polyester – the curtains can last for a long time. Sewing curtains do not take much time, and anyone with the most basic sewing skills can make them. Instructions Measure the width of the sliding doors, and add 8 to 12 inches to determine the correct size curtain rod. Attach the bar above the door so that 4-6 inches protrude past the doors on both sides, and the bar is one or two inches above the door. White outdoor curtains ensure the curtains cover the cover completely. Measure the height of the door from the curtain bar to the ground. Measure the width of the curtain rod, and add the measurement to the door height. Add more 2 inches to this measurement to determine the curtain length. The extra inches are for the sheep and the stick pocket. Measure the length of the curtain bar to determine the curtain width. Add 2 inches to the measurement for the hem. If you want the white outdoor curtains to appear wavy when closed, add another 12 inches to the measurement. Cut the material to measurements length and width using tape measure and scissors. Cut the material in half vertically to make two panels. Set a panel aside. Rest the material on the work surface so that it is completely open. If the material has a front and back, the backing should face upwards. Make sure the entire length of the material is folded only 1/2 inch. Keep measuring distance as you go.

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