Light Charcoal in Outdoor Grill Ideas

Sep 18th
Surround Outdoor Grill Ideas
Surround Outdoor Grill Ideas

Outdoor grill ideas – Knowing how to light charcoal in your outdoor barbecue does not require much training or knowledge. However, there are some techniques to make the whole process much faster and wrong-proof. Whether this is the first time you work with a charcoal grill or if you are an experienced user, knowing how to approach the process can help you enjoy your barbecue even more


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See charcoal you plan to use in your outdoor grill ideas is 100 percent dry. Wet charcoal provides smoke, increases the risk of fires and makes the cooking and lighting process much more difficult. Place coal on your grill. Make sure you have enough to cover the entire bass grill or to create two even piles (if you are cooking with indirect heat). If you are cooking a large amount of meat or several types of food (corn, vegetables and meat, for example), easily enough charcoal so you can distribute it to different heights later.

Start by creating a small pile of coal in the middle of the outdoor grill ideas. Try to make sure that all charcoal is laid up together or if you risk losing some carbon, which may result in uneven cooking and heat. Pour ignition liquid over coal and wait a few seconds to absorb it. This will enable more even heat and prevent forest later. Light the carbon bed and let it burn for at least 20 minutes before placing the food on the grill. Depending on the amount of coal, the weather and the size of your barbecue, it may take up to an hour for coal to become white / ashy enough to be ready for cooking.

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