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Landscape Design Pictures – To modify the landscape in the best way, common composition tools are used. These design elements include mass, shape, line, texture, color, and scale. While color and texture add interest and richness to a design, it is considered that mass, shape, and line are fundamental to organize space and provide structure. The line is used to take the eye through a landscape and to create physical flow and connectivity.

The vertical lines look up to the sky and are useful for expanding small spaces. Tall trees or a tree can be used to add vertical lines to a patio. Refers to the shapes of objects in landscape design pictures. There are many forms in a landscape, such as the rectilinear shapes of a house, the corridors and the entrances for vehicles. Plants, topography and hard landscape delineate other shapes that may include squares, circles, triangles or irregular shapes.

The forms of the landscape design pictures evoke emotions and create atmosphere. The rectilinear forms feel structured and formal, the circles are smooth, the triangles are strong and the irregular shapes are informal and free. The rectilinear design has a elegant and orderly creative, while the angular design is more cozy. When designing landscape plans, they strive to complement the design of the exterior. In landscape design, color is crucial, as it gives life to a garden by adding dimension and interest.

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