Installing Home Depot Sliding Barn Door

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Home Depot Sliding Barn Door Decor

Installing home depot sliding barn door requires the use of a car (a railway system carrying or moving the door from side to side). And also several rolls riding along this path. The installation will take most of a day, and require carriage over the barn doorway. Then attach the rollers to the barn door, and shoot them on the spot. You need at least two people and possibly three or more to complete the job.

Together, they must be strong enough to lift and hold the home depot sliding barn door for several minutes. Line up your rolls along the top edge of the barn door about a foot apart for best results. With a pen or cursor, mark the holes in the bottom of each reel on the door when it is in position. Drill the holes. Attach the rollers using heavy 2-inch wood screws or bolts provided with the rollers.

Use a dab of wood glue or adhesive when installing the rolls. Measure the full height of the home depot sliding barn door, including both rollers, and write down the exact measurement. Now apply this measurement to the barn door. If it is 10 feet 3 inches, measuring 10 feet 3 inches from the bottom of the barn door opening, and make dark marks, with a cursor.

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