Installing Fiberglass Tubs

May 20th

Fiberglass tubs – Many bathroom remodeling projects include installing a hot new glass fiber. These are easier to install than tubs made from other materials because they are very light. In most cases, bathtubs fiberglass tubs cost less than other equal quality. Clean the tub with cleaner and non abrasive sponge. A rag soaked in paint thinner or remover enamel of nails on the basis of acetone will remove many stains based oil and tar when rubbed onto the surface of the tub. A hot dry fiberglass after each use to maintain its shiny surface.
Fiberglass tubs measures the bath and the installation area. Check that the height of the tub, the width and length adjustment in the area and that the placement of the drain hole of the tub corresponds to the drain pipe; PVC pipe should penetrate the soil near or on a wall.
Fiberglass tubs, connects the lever and assembly of waste to drain hole, located at the bottom of the tub, and the overflow hole, which in turn is on the tub wall directly over the drain hole. A rubber gasket slides on a circular mounting waste and overflow rim holes. The Y-shaped mounting the bottom is connected to the drain hole, the longest branch is connected to the top with the overflow hole and the short end male will connect to the leak. Screw the latch plate drain hole aside mounting waste through the drain hole in the bathtub with a screwdriver. The plunger slides, attached to a rod connected to the lever, down the overflow pipe from inside the tub. Screw the lever assembly from inside the tub. Keep loose screws for future adjustments.

Wonderful Fiberglass Tubs
Wonderful Fiberglass Tubs

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