Indie Apartment Decor Solution

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Wall Indie Apartment Decor

Indie apartment decor – If you consider yourself a supporter of indie-style, it is suitable for your apartment to decorated in this style. Short for “independent” indie style basically means that you are not interest in big clothing labels, food or musical acts. Decorate your home or apartment in indie style. This will offers you considerable flexibility based on your interests.
While the furniture in the living space must be functional. Its decorating style is also important. Supporters of lifestyle, indie is not inclined to visit the nearest big box or designer furniture store and pick out trendy styles. Instead, visit the small, independently owned shops, flea markets. And even global fair trade shops to choose furniture that fits your indie apartment decor style. Some people opt for furniture in colors that match the walls or items that are alive and stand out in space.
Many indie lovers choose decor that offers a design that is more rustic than contemporary. A brushed steel light, for example. Would not necessarily suit a someone’s indie apartment decor. Choose lighting that is less common and more eclectic. Such as a light made of bamboo or wicker. If you visit the craft shops, it’s relatively easy to find a kind of lampshades. Also light that will catch the eye of your indie friends when they visit.

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