Ideas To Make Outdoor Gazebo Curtains

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DIY Outdoor Gazebo Curtains

Outdoor gazebo curtains – If you have an outdoor terrace or patio with a trellis, you have probably imagined chaining curtains so you can create an intimate outdoor environment like the ones you’ve seen in movies or magazines. Chain some stainless steel cable with a removable tensioner and you can have those curtains before you know it. Choose a good outdoor fabric and the curtains will last for years and still look good.

Outdoor gazebo curtains, screw eye hooks facing each other 6 to 8 feet above the cover. Open a tensioner to its widest position and hook the end of a screw eye. Cut the cable to fit between the end of the tensioner loop and the second eyebolt. Pass the end of the cable through the eye of the screw and bend the cables together. Pass the other end through the end of the tensioner loop, and add a crimp and crimp the wires together, using the crimping tool. You could trim additional wire with a wire cutter. You must be able to unhook the tensioner.

Measure the cable to the cover, using a tape measure, and add 3 inches for hems. The width is the width of the outdoor fabric as separate outdoor gazebo curtains panels will create less wind resistance. Sew a 1/2 inch hem all the way around the drapery, using a sewing machine. Sew a second 2-inch hem on top of the drapery.

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