Ideas For Make Outdoor Console Table

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Stylish Outdoor Console Table

Outdoor console table is essential pieces of furniture connection that add great aesthetic appeal. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, starting with a console table of your own can save you hundreds of dollars more than you would have paid at a furniture store. Although the process may seem very difficult, it is really quite simple if you follow the instructions correctly.

Ideas for make outdoor console table. Take four 28 pieces of 2 x 4 wood and cut the piece of MDF wood in a 15 x 48 inch piece with a circular saw. Table settings until the holes are facing you while putting an extra piece of MDF on the floor next to it. Take an extra piece of 2 x 4 woods and put it flush with the table top and piece of MDF. This piece of wood provides an accurate measurement of where the leg goes. Place two screws in the pilot holes to secure the first leg to the table Continue until all four legs have been fixed.

Then for make outdoor console table. Cut two 2 x 4 inch pieces of wood at 10 1/8 inch long and two more at 41 3/4 inch long to act as support beams for the board, slide one of the 10 1/8 inch pieces into one of the shorter sides of the table between two of the legs. Drill two pilot holes in the inlet leg and screw this piece of wood between them.

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