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DIY Outdoor Table Decor

DIY outdoor table accent add instinct and functionality to your outdoor living space. Before buying one, consider what you will be using for, if you are going to be in a covered outdoor space or exposed to the elements, and what style you will be working with your other furniture. And since these tables tend to be small and are set aside, the choice of something that contrasts with the rest of the living area can create a wonderful focal point.

Wooden boards are versatile and can be designed to coordinate with any piece of furniture. You can choose wood that is resistant to elements, such as cedar or teak, or treat a stain or varnish for added protection. Choose a stain DIY outdoor table, if you like the look of the wood grain that shows through a traditional decoration or country, or choose a dull or shiny paint for a more modern look.

Offers wrought iron and heavier, more traditional look for a decorative DIY outdoor table. This can be a good option for a traditional living area, or it can offer an old-fashioned, charming contrast to a modern furniture set. Wrought iron is also weather resistant, making it suitable for covered or open areas.

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