How to Replace Lock on Apartment Mailboxes

Sep 14th

Apartment mailboxes are generally common blocks. The block contains several mailboxes, and there is a door letter carrier can open to access all fields at once. The locks on the individual mailboxes have a simple latch-type lock. The lock has a catch that slides in and out of a slot on the frame when the key operate. The lock fasten on the inside of the door with two tabs that slide through two slots in the lock and hold it in place.
Open the door to individual apartment mailboxes. If the lock is totally unusable, or the key is lost, you may need to wait until the letter carrier opens the entire block. Locate two tabs to hold the lock on the inside of the door. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to carefully pry tabs until they are horizontal. The lock will slide tabs.
To replace lock on apartment mailboxes, place the tabs in the slots on the new lock. Ensure that the central hole of the lock facing the front of the door. Bend tabs of slots with needle nose pliers to ensure the new locks in place. Be careful not to bend the tabs because they can break easily. Spray lock and catch with a lubricating oil to make it work smoothly.

Vintage Apartment Mailboxes
Vintage Apartment Mailboxes

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