How to Measure Gable Vents

Feb 26th

Installation of gable vents on your home is a convenient way to ventilate the attic area. Gable vent installed at each end of the house at the peak of the roof. Replacing existing gable vents simply requires measuring the existing hole and purchase replacements that match the size of the opening. Measuring for new mouths eardrum however, requires some calculations to make sure you get the correct size for your attic gable ventilation.

Wooden Gable Vents
Wooden Gable Vents

Education to measure gable vents: measure the length and width of the top floor. If you have a strange layout, such as a wall separating the attic, take the width and the length measurement for each part of the attic floor. Multiply the length by the width to determine the square footage of the attic it is necessary to ventilate.

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Divide the total square footage by 300 to determine the vent area. Typically you want a surface of one square foot of vent for every 300 square feet of attic spaces. When division, round up to the next whole number. Purchase gable vents that match the vent area clean your calculations. Take measurements with you when buying it.