How To Make Small Outdoor Table

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Nice Small Outdoor Table

Small outdoor table – If you want outdoor entertainment or lounging on the patio with a book on a summer evening, a small table, outdoor setting gives you a place to put your drink or stack some extra chargers. By creating the table, you can easily and inexpensively match your existing outdoor furniture. Use appropriate for the weather in wood materials such as cedar for your outdoor table, since your table will need to withstand humidity and large temperature variations. If you can only use plywood, you will need to stain, seal or paint the wood.

Face the two old chairs towards each other, each one on one foot apart the edge of the other’s seat. Center your cedar or other wooden board over the gap. Select small outdoor table about 16 by 16 inches in size and 2 inches thick. Drill an inch-deep hole about one inch into each corner of the board. Set aside the Board.

Tighten one leg of the small outdoor table to one of your old chairs with the legs up. Drill a one inch deep hole in the center of the top of the table leg. Repeat the process with the remaining three legs. Insert the pin into one of the holes in the bottom of the flat piece of wood. Repeat the process with the other studs until each hole has a spike emerging from it. Apply glue on these emerging ends.

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