How to Make Round Outdoor Table

Aug 25th
Wood Round Outdoor Table
Wood Round Outdoor Table

Round outdoor table – Hunting for dining furniture can be such a pain, especially when you are on a tight budget. And unfortunately, not everyone has a whole workshop equipped with expensive tools specially designed for furniture making. Fortunately, there is a way to build a creative, cheap and environmentally friendly round table call for your living room or kitchen will definitely be a hit


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Lay the industrial roller on one side so that a flat side of the spool is on the floor. These rolls make great ready to use surfaces for pillar tables. Lay the wood piece on top of the spool. Hammer a nail halfway through the round outdoor table and tie a string in your head. Tie the other end around a pen and tighten the cord. Drag the pen around the table to pull the perimeter table top (like a giant compass). Shorten or extend the string to create a larger or smaller round table top.

Remove nail and string and use a jigsaw to cut around the circle template you drew on top of the board. Do not worry if it’s not smooth-you can go back and use a grinding machine to level out any uneven sections. Slip the edges of the round outdoor table to create. A smooth rounded surface. Choose a side of rounded wood piece to be the table top. Sometimes boards have wooden knots or strange grains that appear on one side and not the other. Slip uneven edges and surfaces of the spool to create a smooth, endless look under the table as well.


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