How to Install Beadboard Panels

Nov 28th

Paneling has many advantages such as allowing you to place the walls and then change their positions at will. Beadboard panels of the panel are to be installed in tight vertical lines or in the lower parts of the wall for proper elevation and shape the room.

Ceiling Beadboard Panels
Ceiling Beadboard Panels

Instruction to install beadboard panels: you need to paint first, then choose color paint, and paint using brush. Mark the edges of the room where you want to end the beadboard panel.

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Image of: Ceiling Beadboard Panels

Install the first piece of beadboard on easels. Check the length of the balls of the Board and the bottom mark the end about an inch of the original height. Place a square to extend that position at both ends of the corner of beadboard. Cut the marked line on the panel saw.

Electrical outlets can be easily accommodated in the beadboard panels. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws from the front of the socket and removed his jacket. Measure the size of the socket and then transferring those dimensions to the board. Use the square to mark the edges of the socket and cut. Open bottle of carpenter’s glue and spread on the back panel beadboard. Use a hammer to connect the front panel of the wall.

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