How to Clean Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Oct 10th
Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Countertops
Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Outdoor kitchen countertops – Laminate is an economic material used in kitchen countertops. Cheaper than many other worktop surfaces, laminate is offered in a variety of styles and colors. Although there is very little effort to clean laminate worktops, one must ensure that the surface is not damaged or scratched. Cleaning laminate worktops will properly keep them looking beautiful for many years to come


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Wipe the worktop clean with a sponge or cloth moistened with warm water and mild soap. This is ideal for daily cleaning of outdoor kitchen countertops to remove dust and dirt. Make a paste of baking soda and water. For more difficult dirt, wipe the worktop with about 15 to 20 strokes with a hard nylon brush. Avoid scrubbing hard or you can scratch the laminate surface. Use a mild detergent and a soft cloth to wipe countertops. Do not use abrasive detergents on laminate.

Outdoor kitchen countertops with Measure a cotton ball with acetone nail polish remover to clean tough stains. Rub stains gently with cotton swab for a maximum of two minutes. Rinse area thoroughly with warm water. Wipe the worktop with a soft cloth. Repeat this step as needed until the countertop is clean. Combine some white distilled vinegar and two parts water in a spray bottle. Spray laminate worktops and wipe with a soft cloth. Use a different cloth to wipe the worktop. The vinegar will not only clean the countertop but also disinfect it.

Tips and warnings

Avoid adding too much water to laminate worktops. Abundant amounts of water can damage the seams and distort the appearance of the countertop. Do not use strong or abrasive chemicals on laminate worktops.

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