How to Build Teak Bookcase

Apr 7th

Teak bookcase – Shelves as can be created from scratch and designed to fit the room where it will be used. Oak, walnut or cherry are all very durable. Wooden shelves can be cut to any size and be painted or stained. Once created the shelves, you can be fixed to the wall with metal brackets.

Teak Bookcase Ideas
Teak Bookcase Ideas

Choose oak, walnut, cherry or teak bookcase wood. Place a plank on the worktable. The tables do not need to be cut if the size is already perfect for your needs. Larger shelves can be used to hold books, while the smaller shelves may be appropriate to hold collectibles such as model cars. Measure each plank with tape to the desired size. Check the cut in the wood with a pencil.

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Teak bookcase adjust the size of the guide bar on the saw table to the appropriate size of cutting. This bar is used to guide the piece of wood, although the table saw to the correct size. Hold down firmly on the wooden board on table saw and against the bar, behind the spinning blade. Slide the piece of wood into the blade, ensuring that the pencil mark on the wood is aligned with the blade. Each piece of wood run constantly through the table saw, allowing the blade to cut wood planks with the correct size.