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Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas Creative

Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas – Fireplaces are a popular backyard addition because they are easily and inexpensively constructed using landscape or walled block blocks. At the basic level, a hearth is simply a hole that is filled with gravel and surrounded by a few rows of blocks. If you want to take your home beyond the basics, several additions will enhance both the function and appearance of your home. Fireplaces are nice places to gather around cool evenings.

They can also be used for cooking outdoors. Cut a piece of stainless steel mesh with a diameter just larger than the opening of your fireplace, for a grill. Cut in mesh using bolt cutters, a saw with a metal cutting blade or with a blowtorch. Have enough extra blocks for an extra line. When you want to cook, place the grill rack on the fire and secure it with the extra blocks. Use the fire pit landscaping ideas to grill sausages, steaks, kebabs, salmon, hamburgers or vegetables.

Stone benches will add a rustic touch to your fire zone. Mortar curving sections of blocks or natural stones together at the height of 18 or 19 inches to create a series of benches around the fire pit landscaping ideas. A stone firewood rack could also be integrated into the seating area. Another option is to build your benches as the big steps so that you have bleachers in cemented stones.

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