Finding Antique Silverware by the Stamp of the Manufacturer

Jul 6th
Picture of antique silverware
Picture of antique silverware

People collect all kinds of antique silverware, from individual parts to complete sets of cutlery. Genuine antique silver is marked with symbols and numbers that belong to the manufacturer: the symbol is the trademark of the manufacturer and the number and order in the series. The fine silver made after 1906 leads coined “925” prior to 1906 can be identified by the stamp of the manufacturer.

Collect antique silverware

To find silverware for your collection, look at books that specialize in contrasts or dies manufacturers. The site is a fantastic to closely examine the stamps Manufacturers antique silver resource, and to get the latest information along with links to where to locate the mentioned types of antique silverware. The stamp is a way to find old silverware, along with the design (drawing on the same piece). What kind of designs you like in the old silverware?

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If you study the designs and styles, managed to become familiar with the type of cutlery desired stamp even if it were damaged. Some stamps tend to wear for everyday use, especially those printed in antique silverware. The chart maker’s mark was a non-numeric label: a powerful symbol representing virility, stability and leadership as, for example, the mark of the lion and the crown of EG & Son Webster, Friedman horse Silver Co. or anchor Gorham.

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