Exclusive Riedel Champagne Glasses

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Elegant Riedel Champagne Glasses

Riedel champagne glasses – “My goal is to make glass champagne flute obsolete,” says Maximilian Riedel. One day serve champagne flute glasses could be a thing of past if Maximilian Riedel, 11th generation glasses manufacturers’ high-quality glass gets away with it. Speaking to decanter.com in London, Maximilian Riedel, who is CEO of Riedel Crystal, said flute-shaped glasses have sparkling wine “Champagne” as a single dimension, cannot appreciate full range of aromas and profiles flavor that we can offer and thus losing ability to enjoy them.
Riedel as a company has already done much work in this regard with several houses of Champagne. For example head of Dom Perignon champagnes, Richard Geoffroy, is another fervent critic of champagne stemware and advocates Riedel Vinum XL glass of Pinot Noir Rose for DP. It is true that vision of Maximilian riedel champagne glasses, should be shared with other plans that he has for company he runs with his father, Georg, and this year celebrates 40 years since release of their first drinks of specific wine different grape varietals, “Sommelier Series”.
Riedel champagne glasses is a manufacturer of high quality glass, better known in recent years for its fine special glasses for consumption of wine and other spirits. It is headquartered in Kufstein, Austria. Riedel originated concept that glass used to consume wine or liquor affects enjoyment of drink. For this it has created glasses of different shapes and style each with most appropriate to highlight characteristics of alcoholic beverages features.

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