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Creating Drainage Ditch Landscaping Ideas

Drainage ditch landscaping ideas – The French sewer usually consists of gravel drainage and aims to divert water. If water flows through your property and collects it in undesirable places, the French sewer is the perfect solution. You need to find the right place to direct water, this should not be owned by anyone else. Often there is no place in your garden for floods so you most likely have to choose ‘lower than two crimes’ when choosing a location. Remember that sewers need a slight slope to carry water effectively. 1% gradient is often used for French sewers. Once you have found the location for your disposal where it will be able to direct water to a safe location, you need to dig a ditch. To make sure you dig the correct depth, you need to make a reference.

Place two wooden pillars at both ends of the ditch and string several mason lines between two posts. The rows must be strict and flat. Use the spirit level to check if the line is flat. Dig drainage ditch landscaping ideas between two posts. The respiratory tract is usually 15 cm wide although you can make it wider than this if you feel you need more drainage. The trench must be about 15 cm and should be tilted. Use the mason line to check whether you are digging into the correct depth as you need to add additional depth as you advance the ditch.

When the drainage ditch landscaping ideas is finished, coat with a landscape cloth and then fill it with pebbles. Fold the top of the landscape fixture on the gravel, effectively making a gravel tube along the ditch. Cover this with coarse sand layer and then landscape cloth. Finally closed with a layer of humus and grass if necessary. Your trench will not be visible but the water must flow through it. If done properly, you will stop a large amount of water flowing into your property.

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