Creating a Native and Dense Desert Landscape Design

Oct 29th
Amazing Desert Landscape Design
Amazing Desert Landscape Design

Located in a desert area, the house must represent the experience of the desert in the lives of its people, therefore, the experience of desert landscape design is part of the house, its garden, its appearance … the covered terraces offer outdoor transition spaces, the glass walls disappear in the side walls to create different open or closed areas, the fountains dominate the sound space with natural and refreshing noises.

The design has blurred the boundaries of the house and the garden. The house accentuates the garden. The garden is part of the house. The house celebrates the climate while the native plants desert landscape design. The house seems to recede into the landscape, virtually disappearing from the street view. This is thanks to the planting of the desert trees. Creating a native and dense landscape.

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This project addresses the difficult conflict between contemporary expectations in an environment that melts the fragile landscape. The house opens to desert landscape design to merge into space. The use of native plants has created a garden of their habitat, which links directly the garden to the ecological processes of the place, of the climatic region. The trees and plants that were not autochthonous have been eliminated and have been replaced by those of the habitat itself.

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