Classic and Elegant Glencairn Glasses

Mar 14th

Glencairn glasses – It is the type of glass used for tasting whiskey as it provides notes and aromas of the drink. Each drink has a special glass which should serve to appreciate its characteristics, so there are brandies, those of known cocktail Margarita, the champagne glasses, cups or shot glasses of whiskey. We know this has its vital importance so that the next article will explain everything you need to know to enjoy a good whiskey in the corresponding vessel.
Glencairn glasses have been carefully designed to provide maximum enjoyment of whiskey. The conical mouth allows an ease of consumption that do not have traditional tasting glasses “nosing”, without losing the flavor of the drink. The round shape of the glass allows for greater appreciation of the color of whiskey and the base has been developed to provide comfort in hand.
Every glass of whiskey glencairn glasses has a specific function for your enjoyment either with ice or with other drinks or if instead we want to become expert tasters with glasses designed for this use. Discover the online store different models of glasses of whiskey and learn to enjoy this select drink without worrying about the price. Become an expert taster of whiskey with the perfect glass!

Skull Glencairn Glasses
Skull Glencairn Glasses

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