Chic Outdoor Folding Table

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Modern Outdoor Folding Table

It’s no excuse for cold or heat to spend time outdoors. Balcony, terrace, garden … it does not matter if there is a lot of space or little. Enjoying time out, is to meet the family around a table and let it flow without much more. Let’s leave here some of the models of garden outdoor folding table new and cute. To begin to delight with the eyes. A rustic but refined style in this pallet table with wheels. Iron base and upper part in glass, with a design of worked pallets , which bring delicacy to the table.

A simple armchair and another double body, also with wheels, complete the game. The cushions and vases give the note of color in the chosen space. Very comfortable for the transfer. Something completely different in outdoor folding table, is what Simple Unique Objects offers   , a table with a bioethanol fire pit.

The Chic outdoor folding table of pallets with silicone and steel wheels, carries a paris stone bowl of 48 cm in diameter and a flat and large circular burner with a load of one liter that lasts 4 hours on. Beauty, originality and functionality in a single table. The stoves provide design and warmth, but also do not pollute and are easily transportable to any place outside. To take into account.

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