Cheap Vinyl Beadboard

Oct 4th

Beadboard planks are typically made of wood and often have a tongue and groove construction to fasten boards together. Cheaper style beadboard panels are made of vinyl beadboard. To add a historical touch or country home, install beadboard paneling on the walls. Beadboard place either vertically or horizontally to create the look you want coatings. Put vinyl beadboard horizontally along a corridor to look longer. If paneling is not your style, use beadboard on the walls in other ways. Beadboard placed on one wall to create a focal point or to jazz up a room, or depending on the style beadboard board, leave a space between the strips to create depth with stripes.

vinyl beadboard

Be creative and use vinyl beadboard in an unusual way. Create a painting or a mirror in one piece of beadboard plank, or covering a roof into several pieces. Add beadboard planks painted in bright colors to liven up the back of a shelf unit built or installed beadboard planks around your fireplace for a cozy corner fireplace country. For a creative take on beadboard walls, install your wall with alternating colors like a stained beadboard light oak and mahogany tone.

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