Building DIY Outdoor Kitchen

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Amazing Diy Outdoor Kitchen

DIY outdoor kitchen – Not only is outdoor kitchen a great gathering place for dinner and cookouts, they also increase the value of all homes. Mostly outdoor kitchen includes a sink, fridge and, of course, a barbecue or grill. When buying a barbecue for an outdoor kitchen can be quite expensive, so instead of spending all this money, do it yourself. If you do not have much experience working with your hands with similar jobs, it can be a challenging task.


Select an area for your DIY outdoor kitchen and determine its size. For example, if you want a large barbecue area and you have the patio room; 24 inches with 12 inches will feed a lot of mouths. Write down your chosen dimensions. Determine a concrete plate with the same dimensions as your grill. This will help prevent any fire hazard. If you plan to build your barbecue on a cement patio, ignore this step

Build DIY outdoor kitchen legs. Place four bricks in each corner and create four slots in three feet long. Mash the blocks as you walk. Use one level when you are ready to make sure each leg is also with the others. Cut rectangular piece of plywood with the width of the columns, plus 36 inches, with a saw. Center plywood on top of the columns with 18 inches perpendicular to each side. Attach plywood to bricks with concrete anchors. Lay two rows of bricks over the base and out to the four corners of the plywood. Seal cracks between the blocks with refractory mortar to protect the wood.

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