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Organizing Shelves In Long Picture Ledges

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Turn a long hallway in a gallery of artwork or personal photographs with picture ledges and shelves. Instead of leaving the walls of a long corridor unadorned shelves using images to add visual interest to the space chances are often passed through several times a day. Put some t...

Barrister Bookcase Furniture

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Barrister bookcase is included into the most distinguishable furniture designs. It has ability in giving more protection for your beloved book collection. A good display design is featured since of the glass doors that indeed shiny and sleek. If you are a book collector, then cho...

New Sapien Bookcase Inspiration

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Sapien bookcase. It lends itself well to organize books in a creative way : by color from top to bottom or largest, and so on. The feature of this library that makes it particularly original and that once filled disappears behind the books. Here’s more information about  S...