Best Staining Fiberglass Doors

Dec 1st
Top Staining Fiberglass Doors
Top Staining Fiberglass Doors

Staining fiberglass doors – Fiberglass doors do not warp, rot or rust and are quite common in newer homes. The best paint to use depends on several factors: the manufacturer’s recommendation, the condition of the door and the look you are trying to achieve. Some staining fiberglass doors may even be painted and stained to look like wood.
Alkyd (oil-based) paint works well on staining fiberglass doors, Alkyd paint is more likely to fade if they are exposed to a lot of sunlight, especially if it is red or blue pigments added. Ask the paint store workers if the color you are considering is likely to shrink or will remain colorfast for years. Like acrylic paint, the alkyd paint adheres very well to the glass surface, as long as it is clean and dry.
If your fiberglass door is old and worn out, or if it has a very shiny, smooth or varnished surface, then prime. Clean and sand first door, and remove any loose finish. Look for a bonding primer and make sure it is set for outdoor use unless you’re staining fiberglass doors from the inside. Bonding primers are available in several formulas. They may be oil, water or shellac-based. Oil-based primer is slower to dry. Shellac and water-based primers dry very quickly and under good drying conditions can be painted in a matter of hours with either acrylic or alkyd paint. Remember, you can have the primer tinted to cut down on the finish coats, though you should aim for two coats of your finish paint for the best appearance and durability.

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