Best Ideas Lowes Outdoor Kitchen

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Wonderful Lowes Outdoor Kitchen

Lowes outdoor kitchen should be as functional and attractive as best kitchen, with all the amenities that are used to. By incorporating the design principles used for interior kitchens, your outdoor kitchen can become a useful extension of your interior space. Measure the available outdoor space using a tape measurer. This space dictates what you can host in your outdoor kitchen.

Choose the devices you want in the space lowes outdoor kitchen. Common options include grill, grill, small refrigerator, microwave, ice maker, wine cooler and smoker. Measure the devices to find the depth and width of each one. Draw the space on a piece of graph paper with the measurements of your space. Assume that a square on paper is a square foot of real space. Cut the appliances from a second piece of graph paper, using the width and depth of each appliance.

Lowes outdoor kitchen, create the design using the drawing plane and the device cuts outs, move the cut outs to help you visualize the space. Your main applications, which include the grill and refrigerator, should sit in a triangle with your work area, which includes the sink if you use one, ideally with at least 4 feet but no more than 9 feet between each space.

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