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Barns turned into homes for sale – Today in this section we tell the story of a barn that. After rehabilitation, has become a modern family villa. The building in question was built in 1800 in one of the forests that we can find in the region of Trentino. More than 200 years later, abandoned. And also in poor condition, it became a challenge for Milanese SuperCake professionals. Combining tradition and modernity. These architects have kept the parts conserved. And added new structures to strengthen them, creating habitable and functional interior spaces.
To better evaluate the result it is necessary to have a look at the state prior to the intervention of barns turned into homes for sale. In this interior perspective we observe how the whole interior structure was in a state of bad maintenance. Wood carcomidas and materials spoiled by the presence of humidity due to the lack of isolation of the climatic inclemencies.
The condition of the outside of the building was not in better condition. . Badly isolated and maintained, it no longer fulfilled its function. Tiles were missing and facilities had to be restored. Before the process of transformation of the interiors barns turned into homes for sale began. It was necessary to restore the fa├žades and stabilize the structures.

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