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Sep 14th
Retro Apartment Size Refrigerators
Retro Apartment Size Refrigerators

Apartment size refrigerators – A huge fridge overflowing with food is an attractive sight to anyone with a ravenous tummy. But for those who try to maximize space in a small apartment. It’s just one more thing to occupy space. Enter the mini-fridge. Compact and functional, they can squeeze under countertops and in spots their regular size counterparts can not. Better yet, many are available at a fraction of the cost of normal refrigerators, room savings and money.
One of the main advantages of mini apartment size refrigerators is the space you save. A model that can fit under the counter saves valuable space in a small apartment, leaving room for other appliances or elements. Full size fridges consume plenty of space, and the dimensions guide reports the average model is between 32 and 48 inches wide, depending on the style. Mini-fridges, however, are typically 17 to 24 inches wide and approximately half high, freeing up the space required.
Those looking for a green way to store food and drinks can see a mini-fridge as an easy option. Although mini refrigerators consume less energy, according to consumer reports, unfortunately, it is not a significant difference. The most energy-efficient mini apartment size refrigerators tested by the publication uses only 28 percent less energy than an 18-cubic-foot refrigerator with freezer on top. A small difference when space taken into account. However, for people with modest food storage needs, energy savings could make it worthwhile.

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