About The Driftwood Mirror

Nov 1st
Top Driftwood Mirror
Top Driftwood Mirror

The driftwood mirror of the Lumberjack is just one of many variations of the mirror I like to realize with reclaimed wood or, in some rare cases, even with the best wood. In this case the frame is constructed with old spruce wood recovery.

The old wood of spruce, thanks to its characteristics, it is suitable to give this distressed and antique surface. The wood is treated with water and wax finish, leaving the original patina. Variant of the Mirror of Lumberjack with lamp the mirror can be made ​​in various ways, depending on the tastes of the customer: it can also be pickled with color or white with various pastel shades. For the mirror you can choose from classic or antique effect. You may think to dedicate a point-light specially chosen. Here beside the photo of a variant of the driftwood mirror crafted with steel lamp.

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At first the idea of ​​building a mirror I got to take advantage of the old wood that I had and that I love very much, and bring out all the imperfections of the material. But behind this desire driftwood mirror actually there’s another one,  I liked the idea of ​​using recycled material which had already been used to build a door or a floor and intended to be thrown away.

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