48 Inch Espresso Floating Shelves

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Espresso Floating Shelves Set

Espresso floating shelves – Shelves wall or other shelves in the house that has a function as a storage media has an important role as well as a drawer or book. By espresso floating shelves goods will be neat and uncluttered, but that with a slick arrangement can add beauty to your space.

Espresso floating shelves can be used to put trinkets or home decoration unique that you can put in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. If you want a buffer shelf wall is not visible, there is no way for the installation of wall shelves. Some sources suggest this step, it is intended that you are impressed floating wall shelf. Prepare a rectangular plywood boards which had been given a smooth layer. On the front side is made of plywood covered neatly, while the other side is attached to the wall by three holes to slip a metal buffer. Give the same distance between the third holes.

In install espresso floating shelves, you can use a size of about 15-20cm width, length ranging between 40-120cm and about 4-6 cm thick or can adapt to space conditions will be fitted with floating wall shelf while the shelves or racks For the material could use the multiplex finished. In addition to the multiplex material you can use solid wood finished to paint deco as alternative materials.

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